Political and Social Engagement

I have worked for a range of political and community organisations and events raising awareness about and engagement with political activism (e.g. the UEA Film Screenings of ‘The Real Social Network’ and ‘Just Do It: A Tale of Modern Day Outlaws’ which was the award-winner for the largest UK campus screening audience with realtime tweets and Q&A panels). These are some examples of the groups I have been involved with.

Occupy Norwich: Convenor of the social media and communication working group, including timely information and updates via internal and external communication, public outreach, drafting press releases, facilitating consensus meetings, interest and conflict mediation between stakeholders (Occupy network, public, press, local government).


Move your Money Campaign UK: Performing public street stunts educating about unethical and environmentally destructive banking investments, distribution of information material, engaging passers-by in dialogues about ethical alternatives.

Politika Berlin: Founded and managed the project “The (future) role of local NGOs in the new Europe”, engaged and supervised local and umbrella NGOs and an MEP, wrote project report, gained support, raised project funds, coordinated report design and printing, administered time management.


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