Speak to me only with thine ayes? The representativeness of professional EU advocacy groups


Die Stärke der Kleinen: Rolle und Zukunft lokaler NGOs im neuen Europa co-edited with Malte Mau, 2007

Capacities of participative governance: The role of NGOs in EU politic Master’s Thesis, 2006

Book chapters:

“The Balancing Act of European Civil Society – Between Professionalism and Grassroots”. In: Beate Kohler-Koch/Christine Quittkat (Eds.). The Demystification of participatory governance co-authored chapter with Beate Kohler-Koch, Oxford University Press, 2013

“Der Spagat der Europäischen Zivilgesellschaft zwischen Professionalität und Bürgernähe“. In: Beate Kohler-Koch/Christine Quittkat (Eds.). Die Entzauberung partizipativer EU Governance co-authored chapter with Beate Kohler-Koch, Campus Verlag, 2010


Professionalisation of NGOs: Friend or Foe of Grassroots Representation? ECPR general conference Reykjavik, panel: The Professionalisation of Organised Civil Society, Aug, 2011

Civil Society in EU Governance – Lobby Groups like Any Other? co-authored with Beate Kohler-Koch, Transformation of the State working papers, 2009

Civil Society Organisations under the Impact of the European Commission’s Consultation Regime co-authored with Beate Kohler-Koch and Christine Quittkat, presented at the CONNEX final conference, Mar 2008

Civil society and the European Union: The mutual influence between EU institutions and Czech non-Government organisations before and after EU-accession Grin Publishers, 2006


One-World Column: The journey is the destination

Travel Blog

Occupy Norwich

Bulletin Jan 12 OccupyNorwich


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